My Tribe

How do you create a new tribe across Europe during the financial crisis to promote your content and let them know you are here to help?

Well, it turns out by speaking their language.


Here was our dilemma. 

2008. I'd just moved to Switzerland to lead the European Marketing efforts for 16 countries.

One month later the largest financial crisis since the global recession of 1929 hit.

HR departments were busy downsizing, outsourcing and restructuring across Europe and we wanted to help them solve their problems.

Our clients were based throughout Europe with different legislation, different languages and different economies.

We decided to communicate with them on a monthly basis with 3 content pieces that were focused on their recent problems and offer them advice on how to tackle them.

But how do you reach more than 25,000 people every month at the same time?

  • With a message they understand. 
  • With topics they want to read about.
  • In way that is easy for them to access.

Here is a quick overview.

  • Our clients were struggling with the largest recession in a generation.

  • Our audience had to adapt their workforces  and needed new solutions to ensure productivity.

  • Our country operations didn't have the resources locally to address their needs.

  • Our diversity in Europe required a local approach whilst being managed and operated centrally.

  • Our reputation was not well established in some countries and we need a way to develop trust and rapport with our audience.

  • We created a website that allowed us to speak to our audience in their local language.

  • We developed 3 articles each month to cover the most important issues our audience was facing.

  • We sent a monthly newsletter to more than 25,000 recipients with the updated articles.

  • We launched online communities on social media to promote the articles and engage with our audience daily.

  • Have diversity in mind. Not everyone speaks the same language in a global environment. Don't ignore it.

  • Consistency is key. You say what you do and you do what you say.

  • Don't limit yourself. Build online groups on Social Media to reach more people with your content. 

  • Work with your local colleagues. They are your local experts.

  • Communicated with more than 25,000 HR professionals every month for 3 years.

  • General newsletter email open rate between 17 and 21%

  • Established an HRManager Linkedin group as a result of the website that peaked at over 100,000 members globally.

  • First cross-regional marketing activity in the company's history.

  • Provided 16 countries unique opportunities for client engagement and audience growth.

  • Established the brand as a thought leader in Europe.

Want to know more about how we made it work?