My Rockstars

How do you convince your company leadership to buy-in into your content marketing strategy and provide you with the resources you need?

Well, it turns out by making them a part of it.


There we sat.

Huddled with our senior leadership in a conference room introducing our ideas and content marketing strategy.

Many sceptical faces looked back at us. The mood did not really brighten when we put up the slide with the proposed budget.

The look on their faces said: "You want how much?!" 

When the presentation was over we returned to our offices. We realised that we had to be more specific. Not only how the new approach would benefit the company long term, but also how they would benefit from it personally, 

Most of them were already experts in their field but lacked public exposure in the market which they operated in.

We brainstormed for a few weeks until we understood what we had to do.

We had to take their expertise, market awareness and connections and make them our new content marketing rockstars.

How did we get them on stage and make them famous?

Here is a quick overview.

  • Our leadership had to be convinced that the change in our marketing approach would be worth the investment in resources, time and technology.

  • Our content approach had to be personal, human and relatable if we wanted to create honest and lasting engagement with our audiences.

  • Our content needed promoters inside and outside. Getting buy-in from our leadership was crucial. We needed them to be our fans inside and our faces outside.
  • We implemented a content ambassador program that included two to three leaders as the faces of our content for each topic we wanted to be known for.

  • We made them the authors of white papers, reports, blogs and all other content we developed for each topic. By doing so we promoted their personal brand and expertise with each content distribution.

  • We educated them about how to share content with their audiences and build engagement with them across the industry.
  • Take time to convince them. Don't assume you will get immediate buy-in. 

  • Take time to make your case and show the benefit for them and the organisation.

  • Never stop educating them. You can't expect them to be a marketing expert. It's our job to educate them about content marketing, social media and community building. 

  • Identify new potential rockstars. Don't stop with the team you picked initially. Try to find new faces regularly.
  • Established the "Internal Speakers Bureau" a group 20+ C-Suite leaders as content ambassadors to establish them as thought leaders within the market.

  • Increased the program from C-suite leadership to vertical leads, operations, marketing and HR practitioners.

  • Launched the "Employee Advocacy Program" in the U.S. as the next step, leveraging our recruiters in IT, engineering, finance and science as partners to develop and promote our content.

Want to know more about how we made it work?