Storytelling. Brand. Community.

A private, supportive and inclusive slack community for like-minded storytellers to learn, grow and shape their personal brand online. Together.

Community driven, results focused.

Story Gym is the right place to work on your storytelling muscles. 
But that's not all. As part of your membership

  • We will exercise and train together
  • You will have access to gym classes and training plans
  • You will have performance accountability partners
  • Guest trainers, (experts in their field), for training sessions
  • Chat with other Gym members to exchange experiences
  • Frameworks and cheat sheets
  • Regular remote group AMA calls with Ash and Me

And, of course, there will be weekly tips and tricks that will be shared to give you new insights for your personal branding, storytelling training, marketing and content creation efforts.

Let's get story fit

We all have story muscles, but we have to exercise regularly to keep them growing.
Wouldn’t it be great to do this together? That's the reason we created this community. 
To give each other a helping hand.

Are you ready to work out?